Extend Your HP Printer Life in Few Easy Steps

New buyers have opportunity to extend their HP printer’s life if they follow few simple steps throughout a printer’s life. It may take a little time but if prior action is taken, HP users can save plenty of money and time.  Replacing old printer is also a staggering task, moreover, at the time when you fed up with the paper jam and spooling error, users have no alternative besides calling printer support technician. Below tips and tricks will help your printers to go longer than usual.


HP Support Phone Number

Clean the Dust Inside                                                   

It seems a common solution for any electronic device, but especially for printers, it works. Over the course of time, HP printer accumulates a lot of dust inside the cartridges and paper tray that affects printing quality and cause the frequent paper jam. If printer set up in an open place, make sure you clean it once in 15 or 20 days. If required technical assistance, you can go directly with HP support phone number +1-877-213-5868 for online tech solutions.

Constrain Paper Tray from Torn Half and Used Paper

A common phenomenon for paper jam arises due to used, torn and oversized papers, to overcome paper jam in printers, use fresh paper and before you pull the tray, checks if any paper is folded in between.

High-Quality Paper

The paper quality is as much crucial as other factors, a poor paper quality can save your few bucks, but it will reflect on your printing. A high-quality paper brings crystal clear printing, furthermore if you are working on a client projects, you may fail to have the good impression. While some manufactures also conditioned this on warranty statement that printers error due to poor paper quality printing will not be covered.

Store Paper in Low-Humidity and don’t Fan

The high humid environment creates stickiness in papers that leads to a paper jam and paper feed errors. Ordinarily, this problem arises on low-end printers and Desk jet printers, their paper feed mechanism is not tuned as other printers and scanners. To prevent it make sure you put paper in a low humid environment.

Replace Old and Worn Rollers

Worn feeds rollers cause paper slip off, this can also happen due to the slippery surface, or putting paper incorrectly in the paper path. In real, rollers have a long life than on printers. However desk jet and other types of printer don’t require tune up similar to laser printers, therefore, you don’t have to change feed rollers regularly. Also, make sure you follow the manual checklist of the HP printer at the time you buy it. If you are not able to know about technical errors of the printer, you can get the online technical services at HP tech support number +1-877-213-5868 easily.


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