How to Remove Jammed Papers from HP Printer

HP Printers are the best quality products, which are highly demanded among common users. These devices are built on latest printing technology so that they print important documents with quality prints quickly. They have very latest & user friendly features, good performance and many others, so HP printers are the most appropriate options for home, office and corporate users. Having technical advancement & multi functionality, these devices are the perfect options to use in everything with better results. But mostly HP printer users are hardly experiencing paper jam issues at the time of printing that cause low quality printing and blurring of images. During printing, you can get the message of paper jam suddenly; therefore you need to think the solutions for such types of issues. There are some important steps explained given below:-


HP Printer Customer Support

Turn off the Printer:-

Firstly, you should turn off the HP Printer and don’t wish to face any kind of technical problem with moving parts. You have to search the place where paper is jammed near fuser unit but you should wait for a while before clearing the jam. If you get any type of technical problem with your printer, you should hire hp printer customer support services immediately.

Open Doors of Paper Path- In the first stage, you have to open the door to access the paper easily. You have to pull out it carefully and slide the tray that displays the clear view of jammed paper area from where you can pull out the jammed papers simply.

Pull Out Paper Sheets:-

Initially, you have to check out the paper sheets, which are jammed into the device.  And you need to pull out papers slowly and you need to check again and again any tiny piece inside the tray, fuser and toner cartridge and any other place where may be the probability of paper jam. If you face any type of difficulty with your printer, you should call at toll free calling and global free calling service HP printer help phone number +1-877-910-4204 for quick technical assistance.

Close Doors & Turn on Printer:-

When you click on button “switch on” on your HP Printer, it must reset itself automatically. If your printer displays the jammed issues once again, you should make double check inside the tray. If you get any kind of technical difficulty, you must call hp laser printer support phone number to get quick technical help.


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