Why You Should Not Buy A HP Touch Screen Laptop?

You use smartphones and tablets in your daily life and become so habitual that you also expect this features from other similar devices. Netbooks and laptops are also nowadays available with touch features providing a large screen display with better viewing experience. Your touch laptop can give you a better user-interface but there many drawbacks of using a touch laptop compare to non-touch.

Low Battery Backup-

Compare to non-touch HP laptops, a touch version costumes extra power that attracts often charging of battery every time. Actually the touch version has dual kind of screen that also needs power to respond when you touch its touch panel that sucks it battery backup. However, if you want to minimize the power consumption of your touch device you can call to HP tech support team to adjust few settings. Online technical support team is available round the clock to help online users for any kind of technical inconvenience.

More Expensive than Non-touch-

Due to some extraordinary feature of touch screen, these laptops are more expensive than non-touch models. Except some multimedia features, you don’t make too much use of your finger for touching the screen. If you can afford, that goods but it doesn’t make sense to buy touch version for performing various task like writing and programming work which you can also do with your non-touch laptop.

Poorer Quality Viewing Angles-

The touch screen laptop has poorer viewing angle because of this amazing feature. Actually, the touch panels of laptops are made from glossy materials that attract shadow reflections and restrict the viewing angles. And while looking at the screen of laptop if you are not sitting straight to it, you can see your body or face of reflection which affects the viewing of contents or multimedia images or videos.

Resources URL : http://hptechsupp.blogspot.com/2018/03/why-you-should-not-buy-hp-touch-screen.html


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