How to connect a Wireless Mouse to a Laptop?

Our laptops are becoming more and more modern and technologically advance with each day. Other computer peripherals such as printers, mouse, speakers and headphones are not far behind in terms of upgrade. There are various types of mouse available in the market which include both wireless and wired mouse. Wireless mouse not only add an appealing look to your computer but it also avoids the discomfort of tangling cords. These wireless mice are also available in different varieties such as with Bluetooth or USB receivers. In case you are using a wireless mouse, read further how to connect it with a laptop. Additionally you can also, contact the experts of our HP customer support to get a detailed assistance on this topic. Certified experts are available 24 hour to guide you properly step by step to connect a wireless mouse to a laptop.

Insert the batteries into the mouse-

Turn the mouse over and remove the battery cover. Determine what kind of batteries is used in the mouse. You may either use AA or AAA batteries. Usually, you can switch on the mouse by sliding the ON button.

Connect the receiver to the laptop-

In case if you are using an USB receiver, insert the receiver in the USB port of the laptop. If you have any error, you must take help from certified computer experts.

Connect the mouse to the receiver-

Connect your mouse to the receiver, since some mice have “plug and play” facility, you don’t need to download drivers to use them however other mice may need to download drivers to use them. In case your laptop needs to download drivers, it will automatically begin downloading drivers or it will ask you to download drivers when you will attach the mouse.

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