Online Expert Guidance is Available for HP LaserJet Printer Service Error 49

HP LaserJet Printer Service Error 49 displays a communication error and very difficult to solve due to complex level of errors related with this error. However, if these errors are temporary, you should apply simple reboot such kinds of errors but this is permanent, this can need a replacement of hardware components.

Often it becomes very difficult to solve service error 49 but with the assistance of right troubleshooting procedure, you can resolve this error code. Here, the most effective ways of troubleshooting HP LaserJet Printer Service Error 49 is explained below with security. Important instructions to troubleshoot HP LaserJet Printer Service Error 49:-

Online expert guidance is available

Step 1:- Firstly you need to switch off the printer and disconnect it from the system and network and from power cord supply. You need to clear all the print in the line in the task and reboot the printer to solve LaserJet Printer Service error code 49. If you have any difficulty regarding this error code, you must call online HP printer technical support team for immediate responses.

Step 2:- Secondly, you need to repair the incompatible or corrupted driver affecting the error code 49. Corrupt drivers or wrongly sends corrupt data to the printer creating confusion and create the 49 error. You need to download the correct driver and replace with most appropriate one, however if you need assistance and then call printer experts immediately.

Step 3:- Thirdly, this error could be due to Jet direct network card which create error 49 in your hp printer. To test the jet card network, you need to connect your printer via another connection such as USB port and get the same jobs print “OK” when you avoid communicating through other network card. You need to replace Jet Direct card and fix this error instantly.

Step 4:- HP LaserJet Printer Service Error 49 occurs due to falling memory or accessory chip installed in the format slots. If you are doubtful about any of these problems, you need to eliminate the memory or accessory chip at similar time and reboot the device to see if everything recovers with certain memory or accessory chip missing.

Step 5:- Finally, you need to fix service error 49 in HP printers is checking and replacing the formatter that can cause Service Error 49.

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Guidelines to use a Router to Make an HP Printer a Wireless Printer:

Networking a printer enables you to the printer wirelessly from any network-enabled computer. This can help you to save both time and money. Moreover it also reduces the number of printers required, as you can connect your printer to the multiple computers easily. Though you can directly connect your printer to the network, while the networking way you choose might differ that depends on your printer hardware. For more information, consult experts at HP Help Number.

Here, we have discussed the two different methods that you can choose to use a router in order to make an HP Printer a Wireless Printer-

Network-Ready Printer

  • Here, you need to connect the Ethernet cable from the one end to the port that found on the printer. Then, simply connect the cable from the other end to an available port on the router. In addition, you can connect the printer to an available network wall jack.
  • Now, you have to hit the power button to turn on the printer and wait for few minutes till the printer and router communicate before proceeding.
  • In the next step, you are required use the control panel of the printer in order to print a configuration page. Here, the page contains networking information, which includes the IP address to the printer. Moreover, you can use the control panel in order to allocate an IP address to your printer. In addition, the steps to print the page and to configure the IP address differ from model to model.
  • In the last step, you need to install the printer software on any network computer. Simply use the installation CD that shipped with the printer and further goes through the onscreen instructions in order to install the software. In the next step, you need to enter the IP address that appears on the configuration page you printed when prompted. Alternatively, search for the printer among available network devices. Reboot your computer to complete the installation. The installation process may vary depending on your specific model of printer.

USB Printer:

  • Allow the “File and Print Sharing” on the computer that directly connected to the printer. You need to click “Start” and then type “Network” in the search box that is placed in the top-right corner of the “Control Panel” screen. Further choose the “Control Panel” Enable File and Print Sharing on the computer directly connected to the printer. Here, you need to choose the “Network and Sharing Center” from the options that located on the left and then choose select the “Change Advanced Sharing Settings” option.
  • In the next step, you need to click “Start” followed by “Devices and Printers” in order to launch the Devices and Printers dialog box.
  • Now, browse the available printers till you find the one that you want to share. Then you need to right-click the printer and further click the “Properties” option from the details that appear.
  • Once you complete the above step, you need to click the “Sharing” tab to check the Sharing properties for the printer. Then click in order to choose the “Share this Printer” option. Here a check appears once you enable the option.

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How to check HP printer Ink Status on windows 10 operating system?

All the shades in your manuscript which is printed on the sheets are owing to the ink in the printer. It uses the different combinations of colors according to the preferences and choices. Ink cartridge is the most essential of a printer. Your HP printer’s quality will get affected vastly if there is lack of ink in your printers. In the case, the ink in your printer gets completely dried up, you will not able to take out any printout of the sheet from the printer.

If you wish that these services should not affect your printing. Check your performance of HP printer and its inner equipment beforehand and that too very precisely. You should follow some important tips for how to check the ink levels status in your HP printer. As well you can take HP printer technical support from certified printer technicians.

Check Ink level from Control Panel:-

Control Panel is the area in your computer or laptop where you can get complete the setting regulated. If you wish to check the ink level in your HP printer, then go to control panel and subsequently, printer and scanner settings.

Software of Your HP Printer:-

Make sure that you have connected the printer with your computer system properly. You need to write your printer name and model number in it. Once, you need to find out the name of your printer, you need to click on that and see the ink details involved by your printer. This will be displayed on the home window of the software of your printer. If it is not successful, you must call online technical support team to get proper guidance. You feel free to contact HP printer technical support experts to fix this error on windows 10 operating system.

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How to Troubleshoot Common Errors of HP computer?

Seeking a certified technician every time for solving your computer error is not right decision, in the place of you try yourself and ignore taking assistance of tech support. Essentially, there are few issues in computer systems which are common all the users. But even common PC errors can cause a big problem if occurs repeatedly obstructing your task. In the respect of the same, we are going to explain right solutions for common PC problems:-

Slow speed of HP computer:-

This is one of the most challenging issues that affect the whole result of the user. The first step is to check this error is to find the actual root of the error like whether video is running very slow or a web page is taking a lot of time to load and a particular program is not reacting appropriately. Several times, mostly users think that their PC is running gradually but often due to slow internet connection, web related services also respond at very low speed.

On other hand if the issue is in your computer system, you need to increase the RAM and free up little space from main hard drive and restore the speed. And if error is due to slow Internet speed, contact HP technical support team to get instant support from certified computer experts.

Your HP computer is restarting itself:-

Identifying hardware related errors is very tough for a common user. Restarting of a computer system occurs when window updated it or latest updates for other programs arrive for your system. To apply latest changes, computer system reboots but all times it gives the message of “restart now or restart later”. Check motherboard, graphic card and network card drivers which are main parts of the PC. On other hand, restart error also occurs due to virus attack, overheating and malware or due to running of antivirus program.

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Top Features of HP Laptops and its Technical Support Service

If you are looking to buy HP laptop, it could be the right decision, but before you spend your hard-earned money into a computer device you must also explore other brands popular among the users. HP, Lenovo, Acer and Sony, there are many brands offer laptops with different configurations as per the user’s needs and demands. And HP is one the leading brands for making wide range of desktop computers and laptops with some of the unique features discussed below.

Quality Products at Reasonable Prices

HP is well-known for making a quality products built with top-class components and latest operating systems. HP not prefers to compromise with quality of product and also maintains the costing to ensure that the product should be affordable among the targeted customers. However, despite an excellence in manufacturing and development if any technical issue occurs in your device, you can call at toll free hp tech support phone number 1-877-438-9239 for free expert advice.

Wide Range of Products for Different users

Another reason to buy HP laptop is that you can find wide range of series of laptop available with different configuration and sizes. From household individuals to business class users, HP has introduced wide-ranging laptops for everyone with varied choices to buy customized hardware components and other configurations. You can buy any HP laptop as per your customize need and affordability.

Extra Long Hours Battery Backup

Laptops are like a portable electronic device facilitates users to perform their computing task sitting anywhere with power backup supplied by the rechargeable batteries. And this could be an important factor for the people looking laptops with long battery life or don’t have availability of charging battery on frequent basis. HP laptops give extra hour backup with long lasting performance for end-users. If you want to ask any question from experts, you should call at hp tech support phone number 1-877-438-9239 for free expert advice.

Extended Warranty with Customer Support

After buying the product you might need assistance if your HP laptop shows any kind of technical problem. If your product is under warranty you can quickly contact at toll free HP tech support phone number 1-877-438-9239 for free repair services. As HP gives a technical option to get extended warranty for all products but if you still need any help to solve this technical issue, you can contact other third party service provider who will assist you quickly and solve your problem at nominal charges.

A Multi-Functional Printer Is Ideal for Small Offices & Work Groups

HP Page Wide Pro 577dw is recently launched multi-function inkjet printer by HP that provides fast and high quality printing solutions for small office and work groups. Users may find this printer little bulky as it weighs nearly 49 pounds and has dimensions of 20.9 x 16 x 18.4 inches. Apart from scanning, faxing and copying, this printer can print 6000 pages monthly. It is also considered as a multi-functional hp printer that is mainly used for small offices and work groups. So if you want to ask any question from experts, so you should call at toll free hp printer support number 1-877-438-9239 for free technical assistance by technical experts.

HP Page Wide Pro 577dw has a main paper tray holder that can accommodate up to 500 sheets and a secondary 50-sheet tray on the side for envelopes. This printer can also act as an automatic duplexer for making two-sided prints. HP Page Wide Pro 577dw gives blazing fast text printing speed of 23.8 pages per minute. Its two-sided printing is also above average with a speed of 13.3 pages per minute. It is also capable for printing high-resolution images on glossy paper easily. Apart from this, all users can take online help from online printer support professionals just by dialing at toll free hp printer support number 1-877-438-9239 for free expert advice or best technical support round the clock. They are very perfect in solving every technical issue at every professional and technical level over a short period of time.

HP Page Wide Pro 577dw gives sharp text printing on plain paper and also prints graphics with finer details. When used for printing on glossy photo paper, it shows very detailed and saturated colors. The cartridges of this printer have a print yield of 3000 pages. This printer also supports high-yield cartridges that are capable for producing 17000-black-and-white and 13000 color print outs. The setting up procedure for HP Page Wide Pro 577dw is very easy. This printer supports PCL6, native PDF, Wi-Fi Direct and NFC support.

HP Page Wide Pro 577dw printer is available in the market along with main technical specifications and latest features. For any problems or issues in this printer, contact our toll-free HP Printer support number 1-877-438-9239 to get reliable and professional online assistance. Our HP Printer support service is easily and comfortably available at very lowest rates and can offer 24×7 online customer assistance to online hp printer users.

Get Online Repair Services for HP Printer Problems at Affordable Costs

While using HP printer, every user can face some kinds of technical errors with your printing device, therefore you should contact hp printer repair center for quick help. HP printer works perfectly and gives quick results but it does not work, actually this means that there may be the possibility of occurring technical problems into the printing device. However, online technical support is open 24 hour to solve technical issues but you can get the best technical solutions given below-

Driver related errors-

Driver is the main part of the printer which gives the authorization to understand the commands offered by the system to printer. When printing device not responding, initially you need to check out the driver, if not installed properly, it will not permit to take out the better quality prints. If you have any technical issue regarding printer, you should call at toll free number 1-877-910-4204 for instant help.

Paper Jamming Malfunctions-

Often if any user gives printing command and printing procedure begin but paper stuck under roller that carries from one side to another side. If you face any serious technical situation, you need to stop your printing machine instantly. You need to open the cover to remove papers clearly. Next, you have to adjust the tray properly and try another printing option. If you are not able to do this, you should call repair hp printer team to solve this issue in the right ways.

Ink Cartridges related hitches-

When Ink level goes very low and incapable to complete printing instructions. It will display ink cartridge or warning errors on your system screen. This is very helpful for all users that they should refill cartridge instead of buying new ones. If your Ink cartridge in unfilled, it will display error messages, even you need to refill it. Therefore, when your cartridge displays low ink level, so you should fill it timely.

Low quality printing difficulties-

While printing, you get poor quality print outs, then reason for this that the printer Nozzle has not ink or cartridge dried up. Some printing errors may occur anytime that is not easily readable. If the device is filled with ink, you must clean the device with help of alcohol and cotton. If you are unable to fix this technical issue, you should call at hp printer repair number 1-877-910-4204 to get connected with printer professionals for immediate technical help.


Other Resources : Search smartly on Internet to find the best Laser HP Printer repair services.

Laser printers are the best printing devices, which are categorized the most efficient and advanced printers among common printer users. These printing devices are very popular because they provide the best printing cost amongst the selections available. The print per cost is very cheap if you are using HP laser printer for a number of years, you would know how cheap a laser printer is in the long period. But this is highly recommended that printer needs regular repair and maintenance.



Smart Ways are available to Install HP printer

One of the best ways to install the hp printer is by using USB flash drive. For that, you should have driver downloaded on USB drive. HP provides such type of drives with pre-loaded drivers. You can download the driver to drive from the web.

If you face any difficulty during the installation just by using USB, you should come in touch with toll free hp printer support number 1-800-510-7358 for immediate help. Here are simple smart steps:-

Installing HP Printer using USB Drive-

• You have to insert the USB pen drive in the USB port of your system.
• Let the system detect the drive, now you need to open the drive folder where printer files are saved.
• Make double click on Installation File.
• Confirm that you need to continue with installation on dialogue box that will display.
• Installation procedure will begin. You can follow few instructions to complete the procedure.
• There are some settings you should select during the installation process.

The important steps to install the printer using USB are simple. However, if you face any technical error, you should call at hp printer support number for quick help.

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Fix all HP Computer errors with help of Online Tech Support

In the recent times, our dependency on HP computers has increased rapidly so much that even the smallest error in the computer can bring our lives to a complete stop. When we try to work anytime or we want to complete our assignments, all of us need computers to complete the work in the simple ways. To work on the computers regularly, we should take a lot of care of the computers. It means that providing a complete protection from all security threats keeping software and hardware of the computer in the best conditions. With live tech support services, the work has become quite very simple, fast and affordable. If you are unable to get the right tech support service provider, you can call directly at hp support number 1-877-910-4204 for immediate help.


The stress-free availability of live tech support services online means that you do not need to carry your computer to a service center. Whether your device is infected by software or hardware error, all technical errors can be resolved with help of online technical support services. Technical engineers are very proficient and capable of understanding the hp user’s queries and resolving them with the right answers. They are very experienced for removing all hurdles so that every user can enjoy the services at very affordable charges. If you want to ask anytime from a reliable technician, you can call at hp support number to get the right solution immediately.

Live tech support services are gaining a lot of popularity in all over the world. A large number of hp users are benefiting from expert technical guidance offered by online experienced technicians. This service is very easy, fast and affordable and all users do not need to wait for more time. Hp users sitting anywhere around the world can get the best technical support services at very reasonable charges. In this way, users can enjoy the services only in the affordable rates.

With the help of online software tools and techniques, all computer problems such as configuration & set up pc desktop, internet connection errors, slow performance and many others can be solved easily. Online repair service centers are also opened every time to provide the best assured resolutions to all users. Just by taking the help from certified technicians at hp support number 1-877-910-4204, all types of technical errors related to hp computer can be resolved without any kind of trouble.


Other Resources : How to Fix Slow Speed Problems of HP Printer?

If you are a new user of A hp printer and don’t have knowledge about printing, sometimes you can face various kinds of printer problems like slow speed of printing. Printing speeds are very low than expected, so more or less hp printer users will get delayed prints. How to fix slow printing issues of a hp printer? If you get any kind of technical difficulty, you should call at toll free hp printer tech support phone number 1-877-910-4204 for quick technical help. Here, some important tips are explained clearly below:-


How to Solve Slow Printing Problems of HP Printer?

Slow printing is a serious technical problem that can slow down the procedure of your work. You can resolve this issue by decreasing the print quality for every day output and save ink in the procedure. It will help to speed up the better performance and functionality of your device. However, the settings of printing machine vary according to models, you can change to draft printing mode in the most of the applications windows provides.

  • Make it a point to suit more than one page. The speed of printing may be due the amount of text and graphics on every page but also page quantity. The time period taken from printing can be decreased to half by structuring two pages into a single sheet. In the case, you want to recollect pages of spreadsheets, receipts or documents that may need for reference often, this way is the most effective. In any emergency case, you can get hp printer customer support services from skilled and experienced technicians.
  • This is very important for every user to use a quick interface. The speed of printing machine depends on the kind of connection you use to connect with it. If you are using An Inkjet printer, you should connect it with USB 2.0. This would be a wise decision. But in the case, you are using a network printer, choose the quickest available network connection.
  • While printing information from a distinctive website, procedure may slow down due to graphics and ads. If you want to print a particular page, check out carefully for a print ink as just one click, you can reformat the page without extras. Graphics can be disabled automatically. If you are using Mozilla Firefox as your search engine, you must select Options, Tools and click on Content tab. The box requires being unchecked to make sure that pages are fixed automatically. If you are unable to find out any kind information, you should call at toll free calling number hp printer customer support number 1-877-910-4204 for instant technical help.
  • But if you are unable to fix actual issue by yourself, you should hire online hp printer technical support services at very affordable charges. These tech support services are easily available online. Online experienced technicians can help you anytime, if you are facing any kind of technical issue. They can provide you the best possible resolutions, if you are into the technical issue.


Other resources : Online tech support service is playing an important role to repair various types of issues with HP Printer users. Apart from helping to get rid of several technical problems, it is also facilitating customers in different ways, and few of them are discussed below.